One problem with gift shopping for the amateur chef or food fanatic in your life is that they probably already have whatever you’re thinking of getting. My mother—one of the best cooks I know—has four different whisks and cabinets brimming with exotic sea salts, oils, and spices from lands far and wide.

Solution: Surprise and delight with a special collectible or limited edition food item they probably didn’t even know existed. From antiques to limited releases, we scoured the retail universe and secondary markets to bring you fun collector food items for everyone on your Christmas list!

For the Hello Kitty Kook: Hello Kitty Special Edition Kikkoman Soy Sauce


Two of Japan’s beloved brands, Hello Kitty and Kikkoman Soy Sauce, teamed up for this adorable limited edition pink bottle collab. A perfect stocking stuffer for the sushi nut in your life!

For the Satanist: Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce


I’ll begin this with a warning: Satan’s Blood hot sauce is packing 800,000 Scoville units of pepper extract, which if you don’t know, is a whole lot. It was also “conceived” on a Friday the 13th in October of 2000, during a full moon, so yeah, just be careful with this one.

For the Rebel Rocker: Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Suntory Whiskey


This limited release special blend from Japanese producer Suntory, contains malts distilled and casked in milestone years from the band’s history and a rocking bottle design featuring the iconic lips and tongue logo. Only 150 will be produced so best to reserve one now!

For the Superhero: Marvel Mini Coke Can Set


Coca-Cola is one of the most beloved and collected food brands on the planet. Recently they teamed up with Marvel to release these sleek mini cans with likenesses to some of their biggest Marvel superheroes and villains. The complete set of six will run you $39.99 on eBay.

For the Elvis Fan: Elvis Pez Dispenser Trio


People who are serious about Elvis are VERY serious about Elvis. If you know one and they don’t already have this three-pack of classic Pez Dispensers paying homage to The King, they will “love you tender” forever when they open it on Christmas morning.

And of course you’ll need Pez candy, so why not spring for this cool vintage tin with 54 rolls inside. Pez in Vintage Tin

For the Sci-Fi freak: “Stranger Things” Eggos


We’re never really told where Eleven’s Eggo obsession stems from but we do know that any “Stranger Things” fan will get a kick out of this co-branded box of America’s favorite waffle.  

For the Bourbon Snob: Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Reserve


Admittedly, this is the biggest splurge on the list but Pappy is cloaked in lore and demand for the 23 year-old Bourbon as high as anything in the whiskey world. If you can afford it for yourself or a loved one and can somehow resist drinking, it will only appreciate in value.

For the Sports Fan: Original Michael Jordan Wheaties Box


Perhaps the most iconic cereal box ever featuring the most iconic basketball player ever. This unopened box of Wheaties, featuring his Air-ness soaring through the sky en route to a dunk, is a true sports collectors item. It will run you $149.99 on eBay.

For the Believer in Santa: Peanuts Cookies and Commemorative Plate


We all know and love “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” In fact, we can hear the signature piano riff in our head just as soon as December hits. This plate and cookies set, featuring the Peanuts gang, is perfect for any fan of the Charles Schultz classic cartoon or anyone still trying to bribe Santa with a midnight snack.

For the Reality TV Junkie: “Bachelor” Wine Three-Pack Collectors Set


What does any self-respecting “Bachelor” watch-party have? TONS of wine, of course, and it seems the creators of the cult-followed series decided to take out the middleman. The three varietals, Chardonnay, rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon, are produced in California and make either a great collectors item or help soften the blow of your favorite contestants’ inevitable poor choices.
For the Beer Historian: Antique Narragansett Beer Cans


Narragansett Beer, known as “Gansett,” was named for the charming seaside town in Rhode Island and Native American tribe of the same location. Once, as popular as any other beer in the country, the brewery faded into near obscurity during the 1970s until a recent rebrand, coupled with a fascination with its obvious vintage charm, brought it roaring back.

For the Kid at Heart: Sinclair Antique Gumball Machine


What could be more fun than watching gum balls roll out of your own personal machine. The vintage Sinclair-inspired paint job make it a fun throwback/conversation piece, perfect for any funky den or playroom.

For the Wannabe Royal: Walkers Queen Elizabeth Shortbread in Keepsake Tin


The only thing more British than Queen Elizabeth are shortbread cookies in a keepsake tin. Walker’s is one of the UK’s favorite brands, so when you’re not invited to Christmas at Buckingham Palace (yet again), the special edition shortbread featuring her majesty on the box, is the next best thing.

For the Pop Art Lover: Campbell’s Limited Edition Andy Warhol Soup Can


This genius limited edition Campbell’s Tomato Soup can sports Andy’s famous design and color scheme and contains real soup. It’ll run you $49.79 but wasn’t it Warhol who once said, famously, “an artist is someone who produces things you don’t need?”

Header image courtesy of Amazon.

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