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Whether you need to find the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, or you are the beer lover and want to try new things, look no further than the oh-so-trendy food subscription box craze. Any artisan-loving, craft-beer-glugging, “I-wish-this-IPA-was-hoppier” suds fiend would love a subscription to one of these top beer enthusiast clubs that send out craft brews, unique ingredients, and beer-themed accessories every month.

Whether you—or they—like ale or lager, IPA or porter, sour styles, or all of the above, there’s a beer subscription box for everyone. (Unless, of course, you prefer wine.)

Craft Beer Club, 12 beers per month for $43

best craft beer club subscription

Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club is arguably the most popular beer subscription box out there—and for good reason. This no-frills club sends out monthly shipments of the most exceptional craft brews in the country, all of which are produced with traditional ingredients and techniques. Many of the brands have limited distribution, meaning a subscription to CBC might be your only shot to taste those specialty brews.Buy Now

The Hop-Heads Beer Club, 12 beers per month for $35, plus shipping

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If hops make you happy, this is the one for you (or whichever hop-head you want to treat). The Hop-Heads Beer Club sends three different hop-centric beers—four of each—every month so you can get your fill. While this is, unsurprisingly, heavy on IPAs of various styles, it also makes room for hoppy pales and red ales. And these aren’t just super-bitter hop-you-over-the-head beers; the club also spotlights “the many hop flavors and aromas available to today’s brewers amidst the ever-expanding supply of new hop varieties,” and includes imports as well as American selections.Buy Now

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club, 12 beers per month for $29.95 plus shipping

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US Microbrew Club

This club dates back all the way to 1994, and features only the highest quality, award-winning, and rarest brews from around the country. Each month, their team of experts tastes over 500 brews in consideration for that month’s shipment, and only 20 percent of the beers make the cut. This is perfect for the true beer snob in your life.Buy Now

The Rare Beer Club, 2-6 beers per month for $38.95-$72.95 plus shipping

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Beer of the Month Club

The Rare Beer Club is the most unique of them all, featuring only two 750ml bottles of beer a month. They send two separate styles per month and no two months will bring the same ones (unless you request or re-order). Don’t be discouraged by the limited choices, because it’s the quality you’re here for and these beers are very highly curated. You have three buying options: two 750mL bottles per month @ $38.95 + shipping & handling; four 750mL bottles per month @ $55.95 + shipping & handling; or six 750mL bottles per month @ $72.95 + shipping & handling. You’ll mostly receive beers that use rare production techniques and ingredients, like aging through blending or in bourbon and cedar barrels. Plus, you’ll get super rare brews from all over the world, including from up-and-comers in Brazil, Japan, and Scandinavia.Buy Now

First Sip Brew Box, $24.99 – $647.88

First Sip Brew Box beer subscription box

First Sip Brew Box

Each box features merchandise like t-shirts and glasses from one amazing craft brewery every month, plus optional extras like beer-infused baked goods and other little extras. With three subscription levels (Brewmaster, Enthusiast, and Connoisseur), this is a great way to immerse yourself in the creative world of craft brewing and appreciate one brand at a time. They even offer a beer-themed box for your pet!Buy Now

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