It’s always fun to hypothetically guess what we’d end up doing in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Most of us think we’d survive, bravely fighting off the undead with the swing of a bat. But some of us (cough, me) are ready to surrender at the first sight of danger. I’ll be kicking back on the couch nursing a nice bottle of wine, or two or five, enjoying the last moments of my humanity in a naively drunken haze. And now, finally, a new collection of alcoholic beverages taps into the festivities of my dystopian nightmares. Lot18, in conjunction with AMC, is releasing a line of “Walking Dead”-inspired wine.

The insanely popular TV series follows a rag-tag group of survivors in the wake of a devastating zombie outbreak, so unsurprisingly over the course of the show’s eight seasons there hasn’t been much time for a leisurely drink of wine here or there. I guess my coping mechanism of choice doesn’t make for exciting television. But now you can enjoy a glass, while watching and hoping your favorite characters don’t get torn to shreds by villainous, flesh-eating walkers.

The three flavors were developed around three of the show’s most popular characters.The 2016 California Petite Sirah is analogous to Rick Grimes. Like the show’s leader, this one tastes bold and balanced. Another reliable offering is the 2016 California Cabernet Sauvignon, akin to the show’s mysterious loner Daryl Dixon. It’s dark, flavored with black fruits, coffee beans and dried herbs. And then there’s the California Bourbon Barrel Red Blend, which is likened to the show’s true villain, Negan. With flavors extracted from vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel, it sure sounds a lot sweeter than the character it’s based on. But that won’t stop us from drinking it when the zombies are knocking down our doors.

Header image courtesy Lot18.

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