KFC is no stranger to novelty products. In recent years they’ve released chicken-scented sunscreen, lip balm, and even edible nail polish (it’s literally finger lickin’ good!), but this time they’ve created the ultimate lifestyle crossover item: a bath bomb. So if you’ve ever wanted your entire body to reek of greasy chicken and 11 secret herbs and spices, now’s your chance.

KFC has partnered with Village Vanguard, a Japanese retailer, to create a drumstick-shaped lump composed of what loosely translates to”Chicken Smell Bathing Powder.” Just imagine soaking your weary body into a hot tub after a long day at work. What could make the situation even more relaxing? A fizzy explosion of faux fried chicken! That’s how we imagined the pitch meeting went down, at least. Aren’t baths the only thing millennials love more than fast food?

If you’re one of the few people this marketing stunt actually appeals to and you happen to live in Japan, then you might be one of the few lucky people able to nab one. Only 100 of these foul, fowl bath-time accoutrements have been created (That’s still too many in our opinion.) In order to obtain one of these limited edition items, you have to enter a Twitter-based contest and hope you’re one the select few chosen to turn yourself into human soup. Winners will also receive coupons for the restaurant’s “Secret Combination Pack” of chicken that’s actually not made of soap. All you need to do is retweet the message below before November 15 to enter:

If you do happen to win, well congrats(?) in advance, and let us know how long it takes to get that deep-fried stench off of you.

Header image courtesy Getty.

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