If you’re looking for a seasonal job, don’t like leaving your couch, and have a guaranteed spot on Santa’s Nice List, Williams-Sonoma may have the perfect opportunity for you. According to the company’s job website, there are multiple listings to become a customer service associate for the holidays.

“We offer the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home!! Save money on gas, eliminate your daily commute and have more time to spend with family during non-work times,” the ad reads.

While employees will be required to put on pants and attend meetings and trainings, it’s an ideal gig for anyone who’s suffering from agoraphobia and/or dreamt of working from home.

Those interested in applying should possess a high school diploma or GED and the ability to “navigate through multiple systems and internet pages.” Strong customer service skills are also vital, and former experience in sales is preferred.

The job pays $11/hour and also offers a bevy of perks like a 40% discount (on most merchandise), contests, rewards, as well as growth and promotional opportunities. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Address customer questions and concerns regarding product and delivery information
  • Provide product information, review alternative solutions if an item is out of stock and place orders for the customer.
  • Successfully negotiate and appease customers using a variety of methods established by Williams-Sonoma, Inc., guidelines.
  • Check inventory, process returns, issue replacements and credits for damaged or defective merchandise
  • Perform other duties as assigned

And while you may be assuming that a fancy laptop and phone will be supplied by the company, you’ll have to rely on your own (including a stable internet connection) to get the job done.

Honestly, that 40% discount is really speaking to us. How else will we be able to afford that Le Creuset dutch oven, Kitchenaid mixer, and Vitamix we’ve been eyeing since December 26, 2016? Oh, and all of the stuff on our friends’ wish lists, of course.

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