Fans of the Cameroonian food truck at the Berkeley Flea Market will be happy to learn that they’ve recently opened a standing restaurant, called A Taste of Africa. rworange loves the expertly fried plantains (sule do do), a fluffy, moist rice dish full of black-eyed peas (jolaffe), and the tart house-made lemonade. This place is very vegan and vegetarian friendly, with vegan dishes on the menu every day, as well as meat dishes. Chuckles the Clone loves the stewed yams (nkule) with rice and a tiny dollop of their fabulously fiery hot sauce on the side. But, he says, if they have something called “traditional turkey”–which sometimes turns out to be chicken–then you need to order that.

This is not the kind of restaurant that makes a ton of food ahead of time and chucks it in the freezer. They make relatively small batches of delicious, fresh food and they actually run out of stuff–“you gotta step lively if you want it,” a server explained. So go early and often if you want to try everything.

A Taste of Africa [East Bay]
3015 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

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Berkeley–A Taste of Africa re-emerges on Shattuck- Cameroonian comfort food & lunch specials

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