Pickles are having a moment, y’all. Aside from being the salty cylinders that pair amazingly with a club sandwich or oversized burger, the brined cucumber has crept its way into traditional recipes, as well as our favorite grocery store items (like chips, cashews, and even popcorn seasoning). We’ve also taste-tested pickle ice pops during our biweekly radio show, which—much to our delight—were delicious and are now our go-to remedies for unwelcome hangovers.

With that last notion in mind, it seems almost counter-intuitive that electrolyte-heavy pickle juice is now being bottled in vodka form. But we’re not hating it. In fact, we’re extremely intrigued.

Washington-based Blue Spirits Distilling has introduced a pickle and vodka concoction that is apparently not only delicious, but strong AF (120 proof, to be exact). The company hand selects all of its own cukes, produces, and batches the product in its own warehouse, which you can sample in their Leavenworth tasting room.

While the alcohol can be sipped on the rocks for a smooth, salty indulgence, Delish reports that the libation tastes best as a Bloody Mary floater or part of an expertly crafted cocktail.

“The higher proof has a more enhanced flavor and aroma,” Heidi Soehren, co-owner of Blue Spirits Distilling, said.  “When applied as a topper to a cocktail, you get a delightful burst of flavor and scent at first taste.”

Unfortunately for us, the 50ml bottles (which retail for $12.50 a pop) aren’t available nationwide, but the company has confirmed that they’ll be increasing distribution efforts in the U.S. and Canada. We’re hoping this happens sooner rather than later, because nothing sounds more amazing than a pickle vodka stocking stuffer on Christmas morning. Did you hear that, Santa? And we’ve been very good this year.


Header image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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