It’s always a drag when you’re dead-set on guac and all you can find are rock-hard avocados. Sadly, there is no way to transform one in time for the same day’s dinner, but you can substantially speed up the ripening process. The usual method involves a paper bag, but there just might be a better way: use a sock.

Not just any old sock, though (and not an old sock at all, please). It must be 100% natural wool, because the lanolin in the fibers and the insulating quality of the fabric allegedly help avocados reach perfection quicker than a bag. The Avocado Sock is the official avocado-ripening wool pouch, but it’ll set you back about $12.00 ($14.99 Canadian to be exact).

The Avocado Sock

Buy one here if you’re curious, though they are currently back ordered.

It might be worth it, and would certainly make a cute (and meta) stocking stuffer come December, but if you’re a little more practical (yet still intrigued), you could probably get a pair of actual wool socks—not as snazzy, sure, but more bang for your buck since you get two, plus you could cram multiple avocados into each one, right? And if they didn’t knock your metaphorical socks off as avocado ripening devices, you could just pop them on your feet.

Of course, if you’d rather actually wear your avocado socks, Amazon’s got you covered.


Buy them here.

And avocado fashion does not end there. For instance, this bag:


Not only does it complement the socks, but if you leave it with a friend while you go to the bathroom, you can unironically say: “Hold my avocado.”

Buy it here.

— Head photo: Pixabay.

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