Now is the time for all good bakers to come to the aid of their country. Yes, National Pie Day is just a goofy little promotional tool slapped together by the American Pie Council, but we have to admit that we do like it when our baking pals practice random acts of pieness in our vicinity. And why shouldn’t pie be properly honored at least one day a year?

NPR is celebrating with a lavish banana cream pie recipe from the upcoming Bubby’s Homemade Pies cookbook, a collection of desserts from Bubby’s Pie Company Restaurant in New York City.

And both pro pastry chefs and enthusiastic amateurs can get their eyes on the prize money up for grabs at the Pie Board’s annual National Pie Championship bake-off, happening in Orlando this April. It’s sponsored by Crisco (ick), but there’s no reason to use those nasty trans fats when, as we recently discovered, nothing is better than a pie crust made with fresh lard. Sooooeee!

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