We almost batted 1.000 today on Sirius XM’s Wake Up with Taylor during our biweekly taste testing segment, but we just had to eff it up on the last one with a line of cola-flavored Kombuchas. Whomp, whomp. Check out the clip of below of this week’s shenanigans and try these products for yourself.

Top Ramen Chicken Pringles

We typically haven’t been fans of meat-flavored anything on this show, but holy-college-throwback-bejeebus, these ramen-flavored Pringles are everything we want in a chip and more. Salty? Check. Nostalgic? Check. The perfect 2 AM food after a night out? Check. Stock up now because this limited edition flavor won’t be available much longer.

Kite Hill Strawberry Almond Milk Yogurt

If the idea of eating paint or Elmer’s glue sounds like a good time, you’re in for a real treat with this one. While we applaud Kite Hill for their diverse line of dairy-free products, this one misses the mark with an unappetizing texture and chalky aftertaste. We’ll stick to Greek yogurt.

Smashmallow Marshmallows

Marshmallows are certainly a polarizing food, but we wouldn’t take a s’mores without them. These low-calorie treats are a great gourmet offering for those who need that late afternoon pick-me-up. The lemon poppyseed was our favorite, but the cinnamon churro would taste delicious in a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Also, is the packaging not adorable? It’s like a Kate Spade clutch.

Nuttzo Chocolate Nut and Seed Butter

This may just be the peanut butter alternative that we need in our lives. Who knew that all of these nuts and seeds could blend to create protein-packed heaven? The chocolate variety is also a nice touch, as it’s not super sweet and almost resembles a dark chocolate Justin’s peanut butter cup. We’re also huge fans of the chia seeds for their slight crunch.

LIVE Kombucha Cola

We wanted to like this kombucha so much. The soda alternative idea is fantastic in theory, but the taste just wasn’t good. At all. Taylor even compared it to “diarrhea in a cup.” That being said, we all have different preferences when it comes to our favorite beverages. If you’re looking to kick your cola addiction to the curb, give these a shot. You may be surprised.

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