Wired is helping us bridge the gap between drinking insane, scientifically cutting-edge drinks at expensive urban bars, and drinking insane, scientifically cutting-edge drinks at home.

And all you need is some agar, some cola-flavored Pop Rocks, and a class-IV laser!

So, right. It’s kind of a long bridge. But the story is a diverting look at what it takes to dabble in drinks that will drop jaws, not only with their price or complexity, but also with the sheer ambition involved. It’s one thing to demand a whole vanilla bean—if you can’t handle that, go back to drinking Grain Belt and be done with it. But it’s another to insist upon hitting that vanilla bean with a super-concentrated beam of light until its mist coats the interior of a wineglass. This Wired article is to drinks what Real Genius was to popcorn.

Sure, it’s a bit over the top. But how can you hate anything with directions like this?

Warm gin and add gelatin. Pour into a shallow baking pan lined with plastic wrap, add tonic, and refrigerate for two hours. Cut into 1/2-inch cubes. Put cube onto lime chip, sprinkle on sugar-soda-acid mixture (the acid combines with the baking soda for a carbonated feeling on the tongue), and serve.

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