With the publication of Gordon Ramsay’s new autobiography, Humble Pie, a spate of revelations about the celebrity chef have recently emerged. Maybe too many.

In the book, Ramsay reveals that he paid for heroin for his drug-addicted brother and contemplates the source of his infamous kitchen rage. What’s more, following Humble Pie’s publication, a secret sister has come out of the woodwork (she has a temper, too, by the way).

But now comes another revelation, which may just surpass the T.M.I. tipping point. London’s Daily Mirror reports that Ramsay’s first restaurant, Aubergine, was named not for the vegetable, but for, well, the angle of his dangle:

Quaffing champagne in London’s Claridge’s Hotel, Gord, 39, told us: “It’s because my nether regions always hang to the left, like an aubergine.”

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