Kids! They’d rather rot their teeth with soda than eat a nice piece of fruit. They’re smart, but food scientists are smarter. An article in USA Today talks about a “provocative” (their term) product that’s the latest weapon in the fight to get kids to eat fresh: Fizzy Fruit.

Carbonated via a top-secret process, Fizzy Fruit feels like a soda but eats like a fruit. It has no added sugar.

According to Fizzy Fruit’s marketing chief,

‘Fizzy Fruit defines a new product experience for kids,’ he says. ‘It’s this generation’s Pop Rocks …’

(Hopefully, today’s child stars won’t consume so much Fizzy Fruit that they end up another tragic statistic, like Mikey.)

Although optimists see Fizzy Fruit as another tool in the healthy-eating arsenal, there are naysayers:

‘Will this get kids used to eating fruit in an unnatural form and deter them from eating it in a natural form?’ asks Kelly Brownell, director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders.

Aren’t kids already eating fruit in a multiplicity of “unnatural” forms, from homemade fruit pies to those ubiquitous, teeth-rotting “fruit snacks”? The larger barrier, at least for thrifty moms like me, is the price: up to $2.50 for a single-serving container. Ouch.

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