From the tradition of Danish and Swedish yeast cookery come American cinnamon rolls, a.k.a. sticky buns: big, sweet, sticky, optionally glazed and absolutely glorious. The basics remain the same: a simple yeast dough enriched with plenty of butter, coated with honey or sugar and even more butter before baking. In the oven, they develop sticky, sometimes caramelized edges. Make any one of these 7 recipes for a special weekend brunch or morning potluck!

1. Giant Cinnamon Sticky Rolls


Big, rich, soft, and gooey—all the things we love about morning pastries in one substantial package. If you don’t want to wake up early to start mixing the dough, the make-ahead tip is great for getting a head start so you can sleep in. Get our Giant Cinnamon Sticky Rolls recipe.

2. Orange-Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls


Orange and cardamom add a sweet, fruity, and seductive layer of flavor and aroma to these otherwise glorious cinnamon rolls. Also, and this goes without saying, the cream cheese frosting (spread while the rolls are warm) is not to be missed. Get our Orange-Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls recipe.

3. Monkey Bread


Also called pluckets, this is a sweet roll with good user interface—it’s assembled by aggregating piece of yeast dough in a bundt pan. After baking, guests just pull off their own soft, sweet, and yeast-perfumed cinnamon roll. Get our Monkey Bread recipe.

4. Bacon-Maple Sticky Buns


This recipe has a soft, buttery dough that’s brushed with bacon fat and rolled up with brown sugar and pecans, then baked in a gooey maple-caramel sauce with crunchy bacon bits. It’s not a healthy breakfast, but as an occasional treat, nothing else satisfies morning hunger quite like these. Get our Bacon-Maple Sticky Buns recipe.

5. Cardamom-Caramel Rolls


Ooey-gooey caramel meets cardamom head on in these soft, chewy, buttery sticky rolls. The thing about cardamom is that, used in the right quantity, it adds perfume without being completely obvious. Make the dough the night before you want to bake these, to save time. Get our Cardamom-Caramel Rolls recipe.

6. Pizza Dough Monkey Bread


Monkey bread—warm, freshly baked pull-apart rolls—are always a brunch highlight, but setting aside enough time to mix the dough and let it rise can crimp your weekend style. This recipe starts with premade supermarket pizza dough, which means you can still have monkey bread and a life. Get our Pizza Dough Monkey Bread recipe.

7. Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

Picky Palate

“I think everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect cinnamon roll,” writes Picky Palate blogger Jenny. “For me….I like the rolls soft with LOTS of buttery cinnamon and sugar swirled throughout. There’s nothing worse than anticipating that first bite of a cinnamon roll and it’s dry and bread-like with minimal cinnamon goodness right?” Get Picky Palate’s Perfect Cinnamon Rolls recipe.

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