In case you missed it, the Well Fed Network announced the winners of its 2006 Food Blog Awards yesterday. Many of the winners are established food bloggers with loyal followings and indisputably smart, engaging content, like David Lebovitz, Becks & Posh, The Amateur Gourmet, and Leite’s Culinaria (though the latter is technically not a blog, and won the “best non-blogging” category). But a few of the awardees were new to me—the mouth-watering Sydney-based restaurant-review site Grab Your Fork, for one, and the mesmerizing Farmgirl Fare—and will definitely become part of my regular reading list. (Full disclosure: The Grinder was nominated for an award in the group blog category but didn’t win—the always-fantastic Slashfood did.)

In other recent blog-world news, Orangette, winner in the best-writing category, also recently joined the ranks of food bloggers with book deals. I’m psyched to read it, though I wonder how long the “narrative cookbook” wave will last. Do you have any favorites in this genre that you cook from regularly? Or are they basically coffee-table titles for you?

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