Empanadas inhabit the zone between snack and meal, one of our favorite zones of all. Make them a little bigger, fill with a rich meat stew, serve next to a green salsad, and you’ve got a delicious light meal. Make them a little smaller, and empanadas are a perfect thing to tide you over between mealtimes.

1. Mushroom–Green Chile Empanadas


Use vegetable or chicken broth—even white wine—to moisten the filling for this recipe, rich and creamy thanks to shredded Monterey jack inside the flaky pastry shells. Sautéed mushrooms and canned roasted green chiles make a deeply flavored vegetarian filling. Get our Mushroom–Green Chile Empanadas recipe.

2. Beef Empanadas


Beef empanadas get a touch of sweet-salty brilliance with dried currants, green olives, and a touch of honey. The crust is beautifully flaky, which elevates these far above the ordinary. Get our Beef Empanadas recipe.

3. Chicken Chorizo Empanadas


Spanish chorizo keeps this chicken filling from being boring. Diced, it’s stewed with onion, before being flavored with Spanish smoked paprika. Cooked, shredded chicken picks upi the flavors beautifully. Get our Chicken Chorizo Empanadas recipe.

4.Chicken Empanadas


This empanada recipe contains braised chicken, olives, and spices, surrounded by a flaky, buttery dough. Since it takes some time to roll and fill these hand pies, gather friends and family together for an empanada-making party—your efforts will be rewarded with delicious results. Get our Chicken Empanadas recipe.

5. Beef Empanadas

Cook Diary

A touch of cocoa powder n the filling gives these South American beef dumplings an intriguing bit of flavor. It combines with fresh chiles, dried ooegano, crushed tomatoes, green olives, and slivered almonds for a tasty, complex filling with authentic character. Get Cook Diary’s Beef Empanadas recipe.

6. Guava and Cheese Empanadas


Prepared empanada dough circles are the shortcut that makes these deep=fired Central American empanadas an extra treat, time- and labor-wise. The filling is a delicious mix of cream cheese and guava pasta, and the fry medium is healthy olive oil. Get Cosmopolitan’s Guava and Cheese Empanadas recipe.

7. Mushroom Cheese Empanadas


“The meatiness of the mushrooms and the excellent meltability of the fontina cheese in this recipe make for a Latin American dish that is incredibly satisfying,” writes Laylita’s Recipes blogger Layla Pujol. “But what really makes this recipe exciting is the inclusion of raisins.” Get NoshOn.it’s Mushroom Cheese Empanadas recipe.

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