Our research to find eight ways to enjoy Boston cream pie was really selfish, because we want to eat it eight times a day and needed an excuse. But you can reap the rewards: These recipes all riff on the basic flavors but take the dessert to new heights (think ice cream, trifle, and crepes).

1. Boston Cream Donuts


This recipe is based on a pretty brilliant concept: Take your favorite dessert flavor and turn it into a donut. Boston cream pie is perfectly adaptable to donuts: the pastry cream becomes the filling, the chocolate frosting is the ganache topping, and the delicate yellow cake is transformed into a light, sweet yeast doughnut. Get our Boston Cream Donuts recipe.

2. Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream Cake

Adding ice cream to most desserts is an excellent idea. Here, we start with the main elements of Boston cream pie (vanilla cake and rich chocolate glaze) and swap the pastry cream for a custardy vanilla ice cream layer. That’s a cake worthy of a serious celebration. Get our Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream Cake recipe.

3. Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

The Gracious Wife

Reimagine a classic Boston cream pie cake in a smaller package: These cupcakes are perfect for a party, or just taking your dessert with you on the go (hey, we’ve all been there). Each tender yellow cupcake is piped full of vanilla pastry cream and topped with an intense chocolate frosting. Get the recipe here.

4. Boston Cream Pie Trifle

Chef in Training

We’re huge fans of the trifle as a dessert form. Consider it: You just pick things you like and layer them all together. That’s a recipe for success. This trifle is a deconstructed Boston cream pie with layers of pastry cream, cubes of yellow cake, and a chocolate frosting. Get the recipe here.

5. Boston Cream Pie in a Jar

Cookies and Cups

Not only are jar cakes adorable, but they’re seriously practical. With dessert in a jar, you don’t need to worry about plates (and it makes it easier to tote cake to picnics and parties). For this super easy recipe, you just layer rounds of cake, vanilla pudding, and chocolate frosting. Simple but fancy-looking: We can get behind that. Get the recipe here.

6. Boston Cream Pie

Serious Eats

It’s always seemed a little confusing to us that Boston cream pie is actually a cake, not a pie. Luckily, some other people agree, and solved the problem by coming up with this pie recipe using Boston cream pie flavors. A flaky piecrust stands in for yellow cake. The filling is a creamy custard topped with an intense chocolate glaze. Get the recipe here.

7. Boston Cream Pie Crepes

The Girl Inspired

Dessert for breakfast? We’re in. These crepes combine all the best parts of Boston cream pie: creamy vanilla custard, sweet chocolate sauce, and delicate eggy crepes in place of yellow cake. We think this trumps a bowl of cereal. Get the recipe here.

8. Boston Cream Pie Bars

Spend with Pennies

Brownies, be warned. There’s a new bar recipe in town, and it has all the flavors of Boston cream pie in sweet, decadent layers. The base is a chewy, blondie-like layer, followed by a homemade custard, and topped off with a chocolate glaze. Get the recipe here.

Header image: Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream Cake from CHOW

Posie Harwood is a New York City-based writer and photographer. She grew up on a farm and likes raw milk, warm bread with butter, and plenty of fresh air. Follow her on Instagram, and her blog 600 Acres.
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