Basic Omelet recipe technique
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An omelet (or omelette) is one of the simplest ways to cook eggs, but perfecting your form is a bit of an art. These French omelet recipes will help you master the process, and discover delicious new fillings too.

What Is a French Omelet?

We love a chunky American diner omelet as much as the next person. Thick, gooey with cheese and fillings, covered with chili—this is our hangover breakfast of choice. But our love of omelets is large; we also appreciate a technically precise French rolled omelet.

“The perfect French omelet,” writes Bon Appétit, “is super runny, bright yellow, and full of butter.” The French rolled omelet was Julia Child’s gift to the American kitchen. Here, we give you a classic foundation recipe, with six variations.

Be sure to see this handy illustrated step-by-step guide to making an omelet too, and for more classic cuisine, check out our Beginner’s Guide to French Food.

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The Best French Omelet Recipes

Try these for breakfast—or dinner.

1. Basic Omelet

Basic Omelet recipe technique


Some combination of classic French fines herbes (parsley, chervil, chives—or use just one) add a traditional note of freshness to this buttery, lithe, and delicate French omelet. It’s all dressed up, in its simplicity, for brunch, an elegant lunch, or supper. Get our Basic Omelet recipe.

2. Crab Salad Omelet

crab omelet recipe


A fresh, simple crab salad (lump crabmeat lightly moistened with mayonnaise, seasoned with chives, lemon zest, Old Bay, and a few drops of hot sauce) with avocado hogs most of the attention here. But it’s the technically perfect French omelet containing it that’s the real star. Get our Crab Salad Omelet recipe.

3. Almost Egg White Omelet

healthy omelet recipe


In spirit, this is identical to our Basic Omelet (above). That fact that it reduces the yolks (with a proportion of two whites to one yolk) makes it health conscious in a serious yet non-dogmatic way. Get our Almost Egg White Omelet recipe.

4. Mushroom and Fontina Omelet

fontina mushroom omelet recipe


A classic rolled omelet doesn’t need to be austere to be delicious. This filling of mushrooms sautéed in butter, with shallot, fresh thyme, and a touch of dry sherry, is beautiful proof of that. A molten core of fontina cheese is the perfect grace note. Get our Mushroom and Fontina Omelet recipe.

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5. Bacon, Apple, and Blue Cheese Omelet

bacon apple omelet recipe


An especially delicious omelet for weekend mornings when there’s a chill outside, and frost on the lawn. Crumbled Stilton adds the right pungent note, and the apples are delicately sautéed in butter. Bacon, thank goodness, is always itself. Get our Bacon, Apple, and Blue Cheese Omelet recipe.

6. Goat Cheese and Fresh Herb Omelet

goat cheese herb omelet recipe


Soft, tangy, and fresh-tasting, goat cheese is a perfect choice for mornings. Crumbling some into a French omelet, along with fresh herbs, is close enough to genius to rate as such. Get our Goat Cheese and Fresh Herb Omelet recipe.

7. Basic Egg White Omelet

egg white omelet recipe


Avert your eyes, omelet purists! This workout-friendly rolled beauty is based on the principles of a classic French omelet, but with modern, health-conscious particulars. Get our Basic Egg White Omelet recipe.

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