Tabouli is one of our summer go-tos: easy-to-make, easy to keep on hand in the fridge, healthy enough to fill you up without laying you out. Honestly, we have tabouli moods: traditional sometimes, other times with a twist. Here, in the spirit of summer sharing, are 7 recipes we have on summer rotation.

1. Traditional Tabouli


Super-blogger David Lebovitz is the source of this recipe, the best tabouli we’ve ever tasted. It has plenty of Middle Eastern character: the usual bulgur, parsley, olive oil, lemon, green onions, and tomato, but also mint and an interesting spicing of cinnamon and allspice. It’s our favorite lunch, with lettuce leaves, on a blistering hot day. Get our Traditional Tabouli recipe.

2. Gluten-Free Tabouli


This healthy recipe has an unusual grain at the center: quinoa. It means the texture is lighter than traditional bulgur tabouli and, of course, it’s gluten-free. The rest of the recipe is as classic as you’d want: parsley, green onions, cucumber, and tomato. Get our Gluten-Free Tabouli recipe.

3. Tabbouleh


In this recipe featuring an alternative spelling for “tabouli,” pine nuts add an almost buttery level of richness to the otherwise nutty, fresh, and aromatic salad. You’ll find the usual susupects: bulgur wheat, olive oil, parsley, mint, green onions, and tomato. Those pine nuts, though: They turn this salad into something else. Get our Tabbouleh recipe.

4. Chickpea Tabouli

Feeding My Folk

A can of chickpeas adds interest, bulk, and nutrition to a (mostly) classic tabouli. We say “mostly” because this healthy salad also contains some grated carrot, plus a little vinaigrette (in addition to olive oil and lemon), just to make sure those extra ingredients are dressed the way they should be. Get Feeding My Folk’s Chickpea Tabouli recipe.

5. Hummus Tabouli Dip

Healthy Hostess

The combination of easy and healthy is pretty irresistible, as far as we’re concerned. Throw in “party- perfect,” and we’re seriously hooked. This super-simple recipe starts with premade hummus, spread on a platter, followed by a tabouli on top (use the Gluten-Free Tabouli recipe, above). Get Healthy Hostess’s Hummus Tabouli Dip recipe.

6. Grain-Free Lebanese Tabouli

Living Grain Free

The thing that’s cool about this recipe is, though it avoids whet bulgur, it strives for an authenticity other substitution recipes don’t achieve. This salad calls for quinoa, so it’s nice and gluten-free, but it also calls for a roster of super-traditional ingredients: parsley, mint, and allspice (a.k.a. Lebanese pepper). Get Grain Free Living’s Grain-Free Lebanese Tabouli recipe.

7. Bruschetta Tabouli

Yummy Laura

“When I made bruschetta the other day,” Yummy Laura writes, “I had some of the tomato mixture left over and so I put it in the fridge. When I returned to it a couple of days later to see if I could make something with it, I discovered that the tomatoes had lost a ton of their moisture and the mixture was really watery. Problem? I think not! I immediately thought of the pre-packaged tabouli I have been buying and voila! I couldn’t resist making my own!” Get Yummy Laura’s Bruschetta Tabouli recipe.

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