I’ve just finished battling my way through this behemoth. The characters are constantly eating delicious-sounding meals and snacks, making this book as mouthwatering as it is compelling. All that reading about idlis, kulfi, and dal has led to a lot of cooking of Indian food at home this week.

And now USA Today is reporting that the turmeric I’ve been using in prodigious amounts may have some unintended effects (besides, that is, staining my counters a cheery yellow).

Apparently, aside from the antiseptic qualities that have been exploited for generations, turmeric has a host of curative properties. It seems to help joint pain caused by arthritis. It can inhibit the spread of some cancers. It can help ward off Alzheimer’s.

And, the article notes, it may even be useful in weight control. But not if you’re eating your turmeric in these.

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