seems to be as confused about food as the rest of us. Do we love it? Do we fear it?

The publication just posted the most deliciously schizophrenic food-related slide show of the year.
In “Fall’s Most Fattening Foods,” picture after picture clicks by, each more food porny than the last. Perfectly rare rack of lamb oozing juice into a cloudlike pillow of creamy mashed potatoes. Decadent (banned) foie gras ready for its close-up. A winsome-looking trio of of Buffalo wings swaddled in a crusty, spicy coating.

But just as you’re thinking, here’s a great resource for planning my next dinner party menu, you notice that underneath each scrumptious-looking picture the text tells you the calorie count, a paragraph on just exactly why the food is bad for you, and an “Exercise Equivalent.” Working off duck a l’orange will take more than 4 1/2 hours of yoga.

It’s the ultimate foodie buzz-kill.

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