1. Chocolate Mint Brownies

CHOW’s chocolate mint brownies aren’t just flavored with peppermint oil – they have 35 chocolate-covered peppermint patties candies mixed into an already rich chocolate batter. Make sure not to over-bake and you’ll have gooey, luscious brownie reminiscent of your favorite Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints. Get our Chocolate Mint Brownies recipe.

2. Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Tart


This tart is a showstopper and really impresses anyone who tries a bite. With a homemade chocolate graham cracker crust, a thick layer of truffle-like chocolate and then a shiny chocolate glaze, this is an unbeatable combination that doesn’t take long to make. Get the recipe.

3. Jacque’s Chocolate Mudslide Cookie

Chocolate and Zucchini

Jacques Torres knows chocolate and does not mess around. His recipe for chocolate mudslide cookies has over two pounds of chocolate packed in the dough. Add some chopped walnuts and you’ve got a perfect chocolate-lover’s cookie. Get the recipe.

4. Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies


An already rich chocolate brownie just got a lot more amazing with the addition of a cream cheese swirl mixed in. Use a knife to get a beautiful marbling effect and these brownies will look as fantastic as they taste. Get our Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies recipe.

5. Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache


French macarons look hard to make, but if you break down the recipe into steps they’re actually very simple. Almond flour (or almond meal) are what make them so different from regular cookies, and they can be affected by the humidity and weather when you’re baking so be careful to pick the right day to try this recipe out. Get our Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache recipe.

6. Chocolate Mousse Cake


This cake is a triple threat with chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. Decorate it with some chocolate curls and you’ve got a picture perfect (and deeply chocolate-y) cake that would a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Get the recipe.

7. Brownie Ice Cream Parfait with Raspberries


The only dessert better than an all-star brownie is a brownie that’s turned into an ice cream parfait with fresh berries. Layer these brownies in clear glasses so that you can see the beautiful layers of ice cream, brownie bits, and raspberries. Alternate fillings and top with a bit of whipped cream. Get our Brownie Ice Cream Parfait with Raspberries recipe.

8. Mississippi Mud Pie


Everyone has their own take on the best Mississippi mud pie, but this rendition is amazingly chocolate-y and is basically an Oreo cookie crust, flourless chocolate cake, and chocolate pudding, all combined into one unbelievable dessert. Try a slice with a glass of milk and you won’t soon forget it. get the recipe.

9. S’mores Brownies


The perfect indoor solution to making smores, CHOW’s smores brownies are full of mini marshmallows and broken up pieces of graham cracker that make them taste even better than the original. Top with extra mini marshmallows before you put the pan in the oven for as much marshmallow flavor as possible. Get our S’mores Brownies recipe.

10. Fudgy Pudding Cake

The Kitchn

Warm fudgy pudding cake holds a special place in my heart. Part brownie, part cake, part pudding, and when topped with ice cream, part sundae, this recipe is one you should keep within reach. Easy enough to make on a weeknight and impressive enough to make for company, you can easily throw in some additions to change up this classic (marshmallows, butterscotch chips, etc) too. Get the recipe.

11. Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies

Helen Rosner / Saveur

Sophisticated and unusual, Saveur’s recipe for salted chocolate rye cookies are fudgy and more interesting than the usual chocolate cookie. Whole grain dark rye flour adds a different texture than plain all purpose flour and top these cookies with a flaky sea salt like Maldon and you’re all set. Get the recipe.

Caitlin M. O'Shaughnessy is a New York City–based food writer and editor at Penguin who has worked on and recipe-tested several cookbooks. She is currently in search of NYC’s best ramen, and is one of the few people who admit to disliking brunch.
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