Coming soon to a boom box or cell phone near you, RACHAEL RAY! Partnering with Epic Records, the volume 11 talk-show-host-cook-big-sister-screaming-meemie is releasing her own CDs this month. Now calm down —Rachael Ray herself is not doing the singing. No, instead she did the thing that girlfriends all over the world know to be a sign of True Love. She made the world a mix tape.

Releasing on October 10 is her How Cool Is That? Christmas CD, composed of Rachael Ray’s favorite holiday music. Boy, and I thought mall-piped holiday music was annoying. For the younger set, she has a Too Cool for School Mixtape for Kids that is coming to stores on October 31. Not sure what sort of message that’s sending to the little truant tykes, but hey, it’s Rachael Ray!

Also with Epic, Rachael has struck “an exclusive digital deal for which Rachael created unique cellular voicetones. Epic will distribute the voicetones—ringtones featuring messages from Rachael—to all major US carriers.” This is genius, because I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stuck on the bus, wondering, “What could I combine with vinegar to make a delicious vinaigrette?” E-V-O-O! E-V-O-O! E-V-O-O! “Hello?”

Mocoblog, the Definitive Blog for the Mobile Consumer, admits, “Wow … you’d think Oprah would have been the first daytime talk show host to do something this goofy.”

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