According to the new Packaged Facts report Sandwiches in the US (registration required), sammies make up 25 percent of total food-service sales in the States. What is it about the filling-between-two-carbs configuration that keeps us so hungry for more?

Both the PF report and a FoodNavigator article offer some theories, worded in always-fun TradeJournalSpeak. But PF puts it best:

From baguettes, buns, clubs, gyros and melts to open-face, paninis, po’boys, Reubens, subs/hoagies/heros, muffalettas, wraps and more, the sandwich is the blank canvas on which a great people paint the colors and contours of their lives. That’s because they offer everything we want so much of today: flavor, freshness, variety, nutrition, ethnic spice and perhaps most important of all, portability and convenience. Operators add traditional and/or exotic condiments, brand names or private labels, colorful packaging, inventive names, convenient outlets and low-ball pricing to make them even more irresistible.

The gradual blurring of dayparts is freeing more hours of the day than ever before for sandwich consumption.

Mmmm, lowball pricing and gradual blurring of dayparts.

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