It’s easy to miss 100 LB, not least because they haven’t bothered to take down the signs of its previous incarnation, M D King’s. This is a pretty basic hot pot restaurant, with a buffet of hot pot ingredients including fish fillets, mussels, shrimp squid, various types of fish balls, salmon fillets, imitation crab, thinly sliced pork and beef, vegetables and bean curd sheets.

You go to 100 Lb for the broth, says Chandavkl—you can get spicy tofu, non-spicy, or pickled. The non-spicy broth is exceptionally tasty.

Weekday lunch is about $8; dinner and weekends is about $12.

100 Lb Seafood Hot Pot Buffet [San Gabriel Valley]
formerly M D King’s Buffet
127 N Garfield Ave. # Y, near Garvey, Monterey Park

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100 LB Seafood Hot Pot Buffet in Monterey Park

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