Are you celebrating Burns Night this weekend?

Wherever in the world there is whisky and sloshed Scotophiles eager to mangle poetry penned in strange dialect, you will also find Burns Night. It’s a birthday celebration for Robert Burns, the defining poet of Scotland, born January 25, 1759. Traditional Burns Suppers have an iconic Scots dish at their heart, the haggis, that infamous savory pudding of offal and oats, packed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled.

It’s hard to find real haggis outside Britain, but through the genius of Amazon you can find haggis-flavored potato chips, made by Mackie’s of Scotland. To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot of offal-y flavor here, but these chips do have plenty of deep, dark potato grunge, a black-pepper burn, and an astonishing crispness. They’d go great with a slug of Famous Grouse and a red-faced recital of “Address to a Haggis.” Here’s tae ya!

Have you tried real haggis in Scotland or beyond? Do you celebrate Burns Night? Join the discussion below!

Photo-collage by Chris Rochelle /

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