How To Clean Silicone Baking Mats Like A Pro

For sustainable chefs and cost conscious cooks alike, it's hard to go wrong with a silicone baking mat. These mats work like reusable parchment paper, and while they have their limitations, their durability and versatility are enough to make them a must-have in any kitchen. As with any reusable product, one of the few downsides is that silicone baking mats need to be cleaned with every use. Fortunately, silicone mats can be cleaned easily with products you probably already own, and there's more than one way to ensure they are ready for their next go in the oven.


The simplest way to clean a silicone baking mat is to pop it in the dishwasher. If you do so, just be sure to use a bleach-free dishwasher detergent to avoid eroding the mat's surface. Lay the mat flat on the top rack of the dishwasher if you can; otherwise, roll it up so that there aren't any hard creases and run the dishwasher like normal. If you live in a hand-wash household, you can also quickly clean your baking mat in the sink. Using warm water, degreasing dish soap, and a soft sponge, gently scrub the entire surface area of the mat. After rinsing it off, use a clean rag or let it sit out to dry off.

How to clean tougher messes

Especially greasy mats or those with baked-on bits will need a bit more attention during the cleaning process. This technique requires the use of boiling water, so be sure to wear rubber gloves. Start by adding a squirt of dish soap to a sink or wash basin full of boiling water — you can also add a bit of lemon juice. Agitate the water so it gets sudsy, then let the baking mat sit in the water for up to an hour. Afterwards, drain the water and wash the baking mat again like you normally would in the sink.


If you still notice oily or sticky areas on your baking mat, it's time to break out the abrasive and oxidizing baking soda. Rinse the mat with water, but don't dry it off. Instead, cover it with bicarb soda, making sure to thoroughly coat any stained or grimey areas. Keep your rubber gloves on so you can use your fingers to mix the baking soda into the water. Leave the resulting paste on your mat for twenty minutes, then clean the mat off with hot water and dry as usual. Depending on how bad the stains are, you may have to give the mat another dusting of baking soda or hot water bath.

More cleaning tips

To treat food stains that alter the look of your baking mat, but are otherwise harmless, soak the mat in 3% hydrogen peroxide for a full day, then give it a wash to remove any residue. If your mat is burnt, soak it in an equal ratio of hot water and distilled vinegar for an hour before washing it off.


The best way to keep your silicone baking mat clean is to wash it quickly after every time you use it. Otherwise, grease and oil can accumulate, making it harder to clean in the future. When you do clean your mats, be sure not to use scratchy, abrasive sponges or cleaning pads as they can cut into the silicone and create damage that is perfect for trapping food and grime. If you plan on using your baking mat for multiple applications, you may want to consider investing in more than one mat. That way you could, for example, have one dedicated to baked goods and another dedicated to savory vegetables so there's not risk of flavors sticking to the mat and altering future baking projects.