The blog world has officially gone pizza-crazy. As Stephanie reported here on The Grinder, last week Jeff Varasano posted what is possibly the most incredible reverse-engineered recipe ever (not to mention the best piece of service journalism I’ve ever seen). In the days immediately thereafter, so many people scrambled to view the recipe—the result of Varasano’s six-year quest to reproduce NYC pizzeria Patsy’s pie—that his site couldn’t handle all the hits and had to shut down for a couple of days. The brave pizza chroniclers at Slice volunteered to mirror it on their site, risking traffic-overload themselves so that the world would not be deprived.

Oddly enough, while much of the recent pizza-centric blog talk is understandably in response to this one recipe—like Heidi’s great pie-focused post at 101 Cookbooks last week—there’s also quite a bit of seemingly independent discussion of the doughy dish. Chubby Hubby shows off his incredible-looking truffle pizza today; a Chowhounder solicited advice last week on getting a good rise out of his dough; and clear over in South Africa, Cooksister ponders pimped-out pies (with an instructive photo essay on how to top your ‘za with Mickey D’s cheeseburgers and fries).

Is there something in the air that’s making everyone think about pizza at the same time? The fact that World Bread Day is just around the corner could have something to do with it…

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