Can you get any room service you desire? Well, if you’re Jay-Z and you want red M&Ms (and only red M&Ms), the answer is an emphatic “yes!”

Every month, the UK’s Observer brilliantly queries hotels and restaurants about celebrity requests like this one, and depending upon the responses, you can get a sense of how far the hospitality industry will bend over backwards to meet their needs (and how well certain stars rate).

One chef offered to fly in crab for Elle Macpherson when questioned about cooking something off the menu for the model, and when three restaurants were asked if Russell Crowe could dine gratis, two of the eateries were willing to cough up a free meal.

There must be the occasional “Do you know who I AM?” moments as well, however. As the Observer proved back in April with a round of fake phone calls seeking last-minute reservations to hot London eateries, even Madonna wouldn’t be able to score a last-minute reservation at the much-lauded The Fat Duck.

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