Fishing with Dynamite Mothershucker platter

The seasonal small plates at Chef David LeFevre’s M.B. Post have drawn crowds to Manhattan Beach since opening. Now word on Chowhound is that the chef’s newest kitchen, Fishing with Dynamite, is another reason to visit the South Bay beach city.

The seafood shack’s menu is heavily influenced by the chef’s childhood summers, many of them spent crabbing, fishing, and sailing on the East Coast: There’s Maryland blue crab cakes, New England clam chowder with Nueske’s bacon, a collection of raw oyster options plucked from both the Pacific and Atlantic, and chilled California sea urchin. If you’re having trouble deciding what to sample, go with one of the restaurant’s platters on ice (pictured).

New Trial is one ‘hound who’s happy to have Fishing with Dynamite in the neighborhood: “Not a trace of attitude,” New Trial says about the service during Fishing’s first week. Chowhound wienermobile is also a fan: “Got a chance to dine at Chef David Le Fevre’s charming new Fishing With Dynamite … and boy did I enjoy this upscale fish shack.” The dining room is tiny—about 10 tables and a handful of seats at the raw bar—so snag a reservation online or arrive promptly at 5 p.m. to avoid a lengthy wait. For now, the kitchen is only serving dinner, but lunch service will likely be added in the future.

Fishing with Dynamite [South Bay]
1148 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach

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Photo of Mothershucker platter from Fishing with Dynamite / Facebook

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