For both a special weekend dinner party and an ordinary Tuesday night, a rich, dark chocolate dessert hits that sweet spot in a way that a bowl of butter brickle ice cream just can’t. Check out these seven recipes Chowhounds turn to for a chocolate fix:

1. Nigella Lawson’s baked gooey chocolate puddings are “simple and fast (almost dangerously so)”—a good last-minute option. –FlyerFan

2. Smitten Kitchen’s salted caramel brownies evoke a gooey candy bar. –marbrill

3. Three layers of devil’s food cake iced with peanut butter frosting, then draped with peanut-laced ganache: Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate peanut butter cake makes a familiar flavor combo extra-decadent. –HillJ

4. Orange liqueur flavors Emeril’s ultrarich chocolate soufflé with Grand Marnier chocolate sauce. –Hank Hanover

5. A trufflelike flourless torte, David Lebovitz’s “wonderful” Chocolate Idiot Cake is nearly foolproof. –gini

6. Three layers of chocolate (cookie crumb crust, baked filling, and ganache topping) make this chocolate-glazed chocolate tart “amazing.” Serve with a sprinkle of flaky Maldon sea salt and a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. –aching

7. Pierre Hermé’s Nutella tart has a rich chocolate topping baked in a crust lavished with the popular hazelnut spread. –biondanonima

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Photo of CHOW’s Hungarian Chocolate-Walnut Torte by Chris Rochelle /

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