Guilty pleasures, shortcuts that go against the rules, the folk methods your mom taught you—a lot of things go on in the kitchen that aren’t sanctioned by cooking experts. Chowhound users recently responded to a post by eLizard that started like this: “I know you’re not supposed to _____________, but I do it anyway.”

Here’s a sample of the rule-bending that Chowhounds routinely engage in, according to this collective kitchen confessional. It starts out with eLizard’s:

I know you’re not supposed to wash mushrooms, but I do it anyway.

Then other Chowhounds go on to substitute “wash mushrooms” with a whole roster of transgressions. Among them:

• Pair red wines with seafood

• Wash a cast-iron pan with soap

• Defrost meat on the counter

• Melt chocolate in the microwave

• Poke utensils into a whirring blender

• Put ice cubes in beer

• Put hot food in the fridge

For more, check out the discussion on Chowhound. And tell us the forbidden things you do in the comments!

Photo by Flickr member BrownGuacamole under Creative Commons

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