Waffles are typically street food in Hong Kong. At the source, wienermobile says on Chowhound, HK waffles are often topped with a smear of butter, peanut butter, and sugar, then folded in half and eaten on the go. There is also the eggette, a waffle variation studded with little egg-shaped bulbs. When ClarissaW asked for tips on the best Hong Kong waffle shops in LA, four places floated to the top.

• The Tasty Garden (three locations in the San Gabriel Valley and one in Westminster) is everybody’s go-to spot.

Fresh Roast serves HK waffles in a variety of flavors, including egg, coconut, chocolate, and a range of fruits. Feel free to ask for combos, ipsedixit says.

• Just across the street from the San Gabriel Mission, Love to Go splits a waffle and makes it into a sandwich with fillings like peanut butter and condensed milk (pictured).

• Alhambra’s Café Spot offers simple, egg-flavored waffles, along with a deep menu of curry, clay pots, fried rice, lo mein, soup, and beverage options.

Tasty Garden [San Gabriel Valley]
1212 S. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia
See website for other locations

Fresh Roast [San Gabriel Valley]
308 S. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

Love to Go [San Gabriel Valley]
307 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel

Café Spot [San Gabriel Valley] (no website)
500 W. Valley Boulevard, Alhambra

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Photo of HK waffle from Love to Go

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