Baklava is dangerous. Once you start on the Lebanese and Syrian stuff, it’s really hard to stop. “Maybe because the pieces are so small, and the assortments beg you to try one of each kind–and then another round and another round, like a beauty contest, to see which type you like best. Before you know it, your jeans don’t fit anymore,” says pilinut.

You can get the good stuff at Aladdin Market and Deli, days Euonymous. Check for the Semiramis brand that pilinut favors, imported from Damascus.

You can also get great imported Lebasese baklava at Alhana, a Lebanese grocery store that also serves killer chicken shwarma and garlic fries.

As for locally made product, if you make it to Fremont, Melanie Wong directs you to MidEast Deli (see also ChowNews #200), where you can get freshly house-made baklava. It’s less drenched in butter and syrup than many baklavas–and there’s something to be said for that. And SanJoseHound buys it at the International Food Bazaar, where a variety pack from Diamond Bakery in Fremont will run you about $7.99.

Aladdin Market and Deli [Peninsula]
224 E. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo

Alhana Foods Mediterraean [Peninsula]
25 37th Ave., San Mateo

MidEast Deli & Grocery [East Bay]
4128 Bay Street, Fremont

International Food Bazaar [South Bay]
5491 Snell Avenue, San Jose

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