Sri Lankan restaurants in the San Fernando Valley come and go, but Chowhounds have an ongoing thing for Apey Kade, a year-old place in a Tarzana strip mall. Apey Kade took over the space from long-gone Curry Bowl, another Sri Lankan spot. The interior has seen better days, but the menu is great, and the heat, says Moomin, isn’t watered down for Western palates. Thora malu curry (pictured), made with king mackerel, is delicious.

String hoppers—simple steamed rice noodles—are fresh and warm, and egg hoppers come with perfectly cooked runny egg yolks at the center. Sweets include the Sri Lankan staple wattalapan, a steamed pudding made with coconut milk. If you’re thinking of ordering from the steam table, think twice: Moomin reports that the rice was gummy. Regardless, Apey Kade’s a good sign that quality Sri Lankan lives on in the valley.

Apey Kade [San Fernando Valley – West]
19662 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana

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Photo from Apey Kade / Facebook

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