Chocolate fondue is a natural for Valentine’s Day, and for good reason: Dipping luxurious foods in molten chocolate is delicious and, let’s face it, pretty sensual. It’s fine to serve the usual fondue contenders—strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, cubed pound cake—but Chowhounds have some more interesting choices. Here are some ideas to step up your fondue game:

1. BACON For the perfect salty-sweet combo, why not dip a few strips directly into the fondue, no dipping forks needed? Just make sure the bacon’s cooled and crisp before going in. –arashall

2. RICE KRISPIES TREATS Make a fresh batch, then cut into small cubes. They’re “really killer.” –Nyleve

3. KUMQUATS Candied citrus rind is great; so are peeled and sectioned oranges and clementines. But kumquats provide the perfect mix of bitter, sweet, and tart with zero prep. –tigerwoman

4. POTATO CHIPS Homemade are amazing, but a good store-bought brand like Kettle Chips does the trick as a salty, crispy dipper. –ellaj

5. COFFEE GELATIN Create your own coffee-flavored confection (make it black or with sweetened condensed milk), then dip away. Bonus: The mild coffee buzz will keep you alert. –link_930

6. RUM BALLS This no-bake recipe made with Oreo cookies is a Chowhound favorite, and dipping them in chocolate fondue is appropriately over the top. –pilinut

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