After ground horse turned up in frozen beef patties in the UK, curious Chowhounds wanted to know: How does it taste?

Horse shows up on dinner tables around the globe, and not just surreptitiously. In Japan, basashi (a.k.a. horse sashimi, pictured) is a delicacy. While living in France, Puffin3 ate equine burgers, steaks, and roasts. The verdict: definitely gamey. lagatta thinks horse tastes unpleasantly sweet. PhilipS thinks the flavor is closer to water buffalo than to beef.

Horse doesn’t taste like game to sunshine842, who loves gamey meats like venison and wild hare but can’t stand horse. Horse is leaner and thus drier than beef, Delucacheesemonger says, though biondanonima once ate a perfectly cooked horse steak in Italy that wasn’t dry at all. And to anyone who can get their hands on horse, Puffin3 offers a recipe of sorts: It’s “excellent braised with lots of onions and tomatoes and fresh herbs.” If that fails, there’s always ketchup.

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Image source: Basashi from Flickr member shrk under Creative Commons

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