Pumpkins don’t have the lock on tasty seeds for toasting and eating. All winter squashes have edible seeds, and they all have a similar flavor. Where they vary is in the ratio of husk thickness to size of seed inside. Modern jack o’ lantern pumpkins have seeds that aren’t much worth roasting, because they’re almost all husk and very little seed, notes noahbirnel. miss louella says Cinderella pumpkins not only have delicious flesh, but some have huge seeds with an excellent seed-to-husk ratio. So experiment next time you scoop out your delicatas, butternuts, sweet dumplings, or acorn squashes.

torty says that when the remains of her garden zucchini patch are the size of baseball bats, she even toasts their seeds, which have a much more tender husk. She soaks them in very salty water for 2 hours before toasting.

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toasting squash seeds…ALL squash seeds?

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