For pupusas, Salvadoran empanadas, and other tasty things, check out the new Pupusas Salvadorenos, says Stephanie Sugars. They serve Salvadoran antojitos, such as four kinds of pupusas, empanadas de platano (with beans or custard), tamales, pasteles, and nuegados. They also serve breakfast and large plates. The food is excellent, especially the empanadas de platano with custard–crispy on the outside, cool and creamy on the inside.

Bring your own metal fork if you want one, since dishes are served with plastic forks. The space doesn’t have booths, but it has lots of tables along the walls and in the center–great for getting a crowd of people together.

Pupusas Salvadorenas [Sonoma County]
1403 Maple Ave., Santa Rosa

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