You need to refrigerate perishable sauces like hoisin, but getting a cold, thick condiment out of a glass bottle can be frustrating. Behold these seven solutions discussed on Chowhound:

1. Stick a chopstick down the neck of the bottle to encourage flow (Puffin3).

2. Set the bottle in a pan of warm water (weezieduzzit), or microwave it for a few seconds (Erika L).

3. If you happen to remember, pull the bottle out of the refrigerator and let it warm a little while you cook (smtucker).

4. Give the bottle a few strong downward shakes until the sauce pools in the top, then pour (Bacardi1).

5. For the last bit of oyster sauce in the bottle, add a little dry sherry and shake to make the sauce liquid again (Bacardi1).

6. Wrap the bottle in an electric heating pad—useful also for warming plates, mugs, and even some foods (HillJ).

7. Transfer a newly opened bottle of sauce to a wide-mouth jar (JMF).

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Photo by Flickr member Steve A Johnson under Creative Commons

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