What’s the difference between the major brands of kosher salt, Morton’s and Diamond Crystal? First, Diamond Crystal is made of small, soft crystals that easily crumble, whereas Morton’s has much larger crystals that don’t crumble as easily, Jay F says. But Chowhounds see the merits of both brands.

Veggo likes the coarse grains of Morton’s on vegetables like Brussels sprouts, because the large crystals don’t completely dissolve in cooking and provide a burst of saltiness. Jay F prefers Morton’s to add to boiling pasta water, as Diamond Crystal (made without caking agents) clumps up if steam from the pot hits it.

Melanie Wong prefers Diamond Crystal salt, as she finds the additives in Morton’s give it a bitterness with a metallic edge. Will Owen doesn’t like the “harsh aggressiveness” of the flavor of Morton’s, and the fact that the crystals don’t dissolve completely is a problem when presalting meat. The fine texture of Diamond Crystal makes it the standard salt for home cheesemaking, cheesemaestro says: The fine crystals dissolve much more easily into the surface of cheeses than the large crystals of Morton’s.

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Photo of kosher salt by Flickr member stlbites.com under Creative Commons

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