Chowhound Puffin3 figured out the secret to making perfectly crisp french fries that stay crisp even after they cool.

First, bake Yukon Gold potatoes (unlike russets, Yukon Golds are never really mealy). Cut them into quarter-inch fries and dredge in tapioca flour (which, incidentally, is gluten-free), shaking off the excess. Add room-temperature fries to room-temperature frying oil, and heat to a rolling boil until the fries are golden brown. (It may sound strange, but plunging potatoes into room-temperature oil avoids the need to blanch in hot oil, sal_acid says.) “Even after the left over fries had cooled to room temperature after we’d eaten all we wanted they were STILL crispy!” Puffin3 says. “This morning out of the fridge they are still crispy! Very nice texture inside but still crispy on the surface.”

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Photo of french fries from Shutterstock

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