Plenty of us have deliberately dropped cash in New York City restaurants lately, a bit of direct relief to neighborhoods scoured by Superstorm Sandy. Now, the Brooklyn design agency OrangeYouGlad has launched an event to raise money for the Food Bank for New York City, one that ensures you’ll score some original art about food. It’s called Will Draw for Food: Donate $20 or more to the NYC Food Bank by November 16, and mention your favorite food. Pizza, Honey Nut Cheerios, green figs, xiao long bao—whatever. An artist will render your craving into a piece of art and send it to you, which is a pretty sweet reward for doing the right thing in the first place. Go to the Will Draw for Food site for artist bios and the link to donate, then clear a little wall space in your apartment.

Pizza art by Bryan Bruchman / Will Draw for Food

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