“The Sawtelle area is … this huge gravity well for new and exciting food,” says LA Chowhound Servorg. And the newest kid on the block? Seoul Sausage Co., winner of The Great Food Truck Race, Season 3. The restaurant turns the idea of traditional Korean barbecue on its ear: The signature item is an all-beef, kalbi-flavored sausage topped with kimchi relish and jalapeño aioli.

Initial Chowhound reports agree: The food is unique and very tasty. Take the Flaming Ball, which soniabegonia describes as a “really creamy, rich kimchi fried rice with the benefit of that deep-fried outer crunch.” It had nice flavor balance, if not the expected kick. Servorg thinks the pork sausage deserves an A for nuanced flavor, while chrishei describes the Osaka rice ball as an interesting “curry croquette in arancini form.” Show up early if you want to try the daily specials—they’ve included Korean fried chicken and ddukbokki (pork belly rice cakes).

Seoul Sausage Co. [Sawtelle Corridor]
11313 Mississippi Avenue, Los Angeles

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Photo by Seoul Sausage Co. / Facebook

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