This is a ramen moment in Brooklyn, where Dassara brought a playful spin on Japanese noodles to Carroll Gardens this summer. Now Ganso offers its own take on this classic comfort food in ramen-challenged Downtown Brooklyn.

Commenting on Chowhound, lambretta76 says Ganso’s deeply flavored broths and high-quality noodles make it one of the best ramen joints in New York: “Not as good as Totto Ramen or Ippudo, but not that far off.” Chowhound fishermb recommends two ramen choices with braised pork: one in soy broth and, especially, one in spicy miso broth (pictured). Beyond ramen, hounds like the chicken wings and the meaty, filling beef curry. And in a boon for nearby office workers, lambretta76 notes, Ganso has started making bento lunches: pork tonkatsu, beef curry, chicken teriyaki, and shio saba.

Ganso [Downtown Brooklyn]
25 Bond Street (between Fulton and Livingston streets), Brooklyn

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Photo by Ganso / Facebook

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