Durian fruit is part of the Advanced Chowhound Curriculum. Many people know of it only as “that weird smell when you walk into an Asian grocery store.” Some find it sweet, musky, grassy, oniony, and overwhelming. It’s like “some freaky-deaky intimate experience that I can’t get out of my head,” says raj1. It looks like a giant predator fruit from the planet Zorkon. “It’s like eating your favorite ice cream on the toilet,” says s0memale.

To introduce yourself to the funky savor that is durian, Pei advises you to first try it frozen, and then, if you can handle it, in a shake. Only then should you eat it fresh.

Just don’t combine it with beer or anything that will make you burp. Hounds have theorized that this is so nauseating, it might be the only food combination that’s actually deadly.

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