Recent talk on Chowhound was all about how dairy products are commonly eaten across Asia these days. Butter ramen, cheesecake, and pizza toast are favorites in Japan, chartreauxx says, and ice cream and milk tea are popular in China. But what about more traditional forms of dairy? Many minority peoples in China have been herders, Jerome points out. Mongols have a long history of consuming milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter, “although they are as likely to use mare’s milk as ewe’s or cow’s milk.”

The Yunnanese have made goat cheese for centuries, according to jumpingmonk. And fried milk is an authentic Cantonese dish with a long history—jumpingmonk likes a dish called “stir-fried milk with fresh crab,” which is “sort of … a cross between scrambled eggs and an omelette.”

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Photo of deep-fried milk by grayelf

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