A recent Chowhound discussion about where to find the best goat dishes in Boston yielded many suggestions spanning styles and cuisines. Here are a few favorites:

• Cantonese stewed goat at Kantin in the Super 88 food court: It’s served with a sauce made from fermented tofu, Luther says.

• Haleem at Darbar: This Pakistani goat stew is even better the next day when the flavors have melded, Prav says. And Nab recommends asking for other goat specials, like nihari and paya.

• Black goat stew (pictured) at Westborough Korean Restaurant: As they discussed at length last winter, many hounds think it’s worth the drive from Boston.

• Spicy coconut curried goat stew at Highland Kitchen: A mainstay, served with rice and fried plantains.

• Mannish water at Lorenz Island Kuisine: Matt H thinks this is a good version of Jamaican goat-head soup.

Be sure to check out the full discussion for more goat ideas, from Nigerian jollof rice to Mexican birria.

Kantin [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Darbar [Brighton]
130 North Beacon Street, Brighton

Westborough Korean Restaurant [MetroWest]
7 E. Main Street, Westborough

Highland Kitchen [Somerville]
150 Highland Street, Somerville

Lorenz Island Kuisine [Dorchester]
657 Washington Street, Dorchester

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Photo by Nab

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