The latest addition to the Arlington restaurant scene, Punjabi Tadka scored good early marks in a recent Chowhound discussion.

Ferrari328 sampled the chicken saag (pictured), which was on the mild side and featured moist, tender meat. Steve L tried both the vegetarian and non-veg thalis, which enabled him to taste several dishes: tandoori chicken, lamb curry, saag paneer, dal, channa masala, basmati rice, and lots of naan. “Not a lot of marinade on the tandoori chicken, but [it was] hot and moist and nicely flavored,” Steve L says. “The curries had more of a pronounced tomato flavor than I’ve typically had.”

Both Ferrari328 and Steve L agree that service is quick and friendly, and the fresh chutneys are particularly good. “Coriander/mint and onion were really fresh and delicious,” Steve L says, though “the tamarind was quite sweet.” Punjabi Tadka has stiff competition from nearby Punjab, a longtime Arlington favorite, but Steve L hopes the newcomer finds success in its “seemingly unlucky space.”

Punjabi Tadka [Arlington]
444 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

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Photo by Ferrari328

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