What are the advantages of using a convection oven over a regular one? A convection oven uses fans to move hot air around, which helps both to maintain a steady temperature and to dry the surface of foods. Because of this, sueatmo loves convection cooking for the way it yields beautifully roasted chickens and nicely browned quick breads, things that are supposed to be dry and crisp on the outside. Convection ovens also work well for long braises, sueatmo says, where drying out isn’t an issue because of the cooking liquid.

But convection ovens could make it more challenging to produce baked goods like cakes, wekick says. Convection cooking could cause the outside of a cake to rise and bake faster than the middle, the top could blow over to one side, and the whole thing could dry out before it’s fully risen. Though some cooks have no trouble, it’s probably best to turn off the fans and switch to conventional baking for cakes and similar baked goods.

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Photograph of convection oven from Shutterstock

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